STAR POWER Shines on Single Parents

The women of the MCC Foundation Board, who are business and community leaders, launched the STAR Power Women’s Giving Initiative in 2013 to strengthen families throughout our community. To date, nearly 80 Rochester women and families have invested more than $400,000 in the initiative and have helped ease financial burdens on students who are single parents. In 2015, nearly 1,900 students were single parents. STAR Power scholarships help them cover expenses like childcare, work fewer hours while going to school, pursue more meaningful careers, and make a better life for themselves and their families.

Gold Star ($20,000+)

Lauren Dixon/Dixon Schwabl

Elizabeth A. Sydor ’79

Susan & Bob Touhsaent

Lori Van Dusen & Ronald Boillat

Drs. Ingrid & Brian Watkins


Super Star ($10,000 to $19,999)

Ms. Elaine Anderson

Flor & Bobby Colón

Cornell/Weinstein Family Foundation in memory of Regina Cornell

Cynthia & Wayne Gilman

Cecelia Horwitz & Floyd Tucker

Anne M. Kress & Edward B. Davis, III


ROCK STAR ($5,000 to $9,999)

Essie Calhoun-McDavid & Bernard McDavid

Julie Camardo/Zweigle’s Inc.

Jill M. Cicero Esq.

Susan & John L. DiMarco, II

Ms. Nicole Doolittle

Bev French Taylor

Vernita & Emerson Fullwood

Dr. John W. & Heather Goodbody

Bernice E. Hatch

Nellie & Wade Hedegard

Ken & Pamela Hines

Dolores & Brad Kruchten

Cindy Langston

Dr. Barbara & John Lovenheim

Elaine S. Michael

Sandra Parker & Dutch Summers

Lisa & Richard Paulis

Kathleen E. Pavelka ʼ79

Kathleen Pringle

Courtney Smith Pulire & Charles Pulire

Abby & Josh Reinhard

Jessica & Tyler Savage

Sharon Kelly Sayers ’72

Diane L. Shoger & Timothy M. Coughlin

Daniele & Eric Torres

Pam Viggiani & Robert Cole

J. Christine Wilson & Mary K. Collins/Wilson Foundation

Maureen Wolfe

Melanie & Jeremy Wolk

Gretchen & Mick Wood


DAZZLING STAR ($2,500 to $4,999)

Dirk Bernold & Karen Hatch

Cheryl Brunelle

Mary Ellen Burris

Donna M. Dedee Doyle

Susan & Dave Gurak

Susan Holliday

Dr. Vivian A. Palladoro

Kathy Rosenberg

James & Daria Shaw

Donna Wenk

LUCKY STAR ($1,250 to $2,499)

Dawn V. Borgeest ’76

Kathleen K. Bromley

Lisa & Walter Critchley

Penny Crudup ’12

Diana M. Lauria

Jennifer Leonard

Kathy & Rich Parrinello

Ms. Susan R. van der Stricht

Jennie Viggiani & Kevin McGuire

Linda Weinstein

RISING STAR ($500 to $1,249)

Tom ʼ76 and Holly ’90 Anderson

Ms. Laurie A. Baker

Theresa Bowick ’01

Judy & Dave Bulin

Ann L. Burr

Peggy Weston Byrd & Ralph Byrd

Diane Cecero & Mark Whelan

Melissa Fingar

Emily Marullo

Jodi Oriel ’93

Barbara Osterman

Erica Bliss Pattni

Teressa & Jason Rosenberg

Kathleen Roth

Susan D. Spencer ’07

Sheila Strong ʼ98

James W. Winston ’75

Dr. Alice Holloway Young

David ’14 & Alicia ’92 Zona



Mr. and Mrs. Vasant N. Asgaonkar

Theresa M. Carter

Corning Incorporated Foundation

Lisa M. Dahl 

Felicia L. Davis

Kathleen Grinnell

Mia Hodgins

William Kingston

Ms. Mary Kress

Allana M. Lazeroff

Karen C. Martin

Laura Norris

Elaine & Christopher Pipa

Kate & Stephen Polozie

Amanda & Joseph Proia

Parul & Robert Rahbari

Rochelle Watson